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It’s the Ides of March, the anniversary of the death of Julius Caesar and also my birthday, although the latter occurred more than a few years after Julius’ death!  Anyway, Joey asked me to mention my birthday here so that she could send me birthday wishes, so I heard (OK, read) and obeyed.  Here you go, Joey!

Atop” is today’s theme, like the candles atop a birthday cake, (which I’m not having, although I’ll probably have a dark beer tonight from those my husband gave me as a gift.  Better than cake!)  Outside my parents’ Arizona home is a tree beloved by this little hummingbird, atop the branches in this photo.  He’s a colorful guy with a huge bill for dipping into flowers.

© janet m. webb 2017


Another Friday Wednesday, another photo challenge, this time with the theme of “Wish.”  Yikes!  Reading that stopped my short in my virtual tracks.  Of course, I wish for things like peace in the world, that killing would stop, that everyone were happy/had enough to eat/etc.  Most people wish for these things, for themselves if not for others.

While we need the fences that keep people from acting inappropriately or badly, each of us has fences that hold us back from a better life and from becoming a fulfilled person.

Today, I wish that each of us could see what fences us in, what keeps us from trying new things, from forgiving others, for dreaming and living our dreams.  What keeps us from being kind rather than angry, contented rather than always restless and searching?  Focus on these fences, then tear them down as soon as you can so you can live your life more profitably and impact the lives of others for the positive!

© janet m. webb 2016

I almost forgot to include this wonderful song, sung here by Bing Crosby and the Andrews Sisters, “Don’t Fence Me In.”

We usually talk about the road less taken, but today for the Photo Challenge, Krista asks us to share a photo of something that surprised or delighted us on a the road we did take.  There are so many choices for this that I don’t know where to start, but my photo files would be the place.  🙂

Several years ago, my husband and I were in Basel, Switzerland for our last day of a wonderful trip, which had included seeing a stage of the Tour de France.  A fellow blogger who lives in Basel met us and showed us around.  While exploring some of the back streets of this lovely city, I spied this unexpected resident, which both surprised and delighted me.

© janet m. webb 2014

A good match is one that still works even after many years!

© janet m. webb 2017

Change is everywhere, even on the Weekly Photo Challenge, which has switched from Fridays to Wednesday. I’m unhappy about losing Wordless Wednesdays unless I double-post, as Thursdays are reserved for Thursday Doors. Change is supposed to be good for me, right? I’ll try to remember that.

On to Shadows.  At Christmas, no place is safe from a decoration!

© janet m. webb 2016

“Solitude”.  It’s not just for humans.

Time to take a quick break from making granola to check for the Weekly Photo Challenge prompt…and it isn’t there.  Okay then.  Back to tea and granola and periodic checking.

Okay, it’s up, but not in the regular spot and no pingbacks right now.  But I’ll forge ahead.  “Ambience” always makes me laugh because one day I used the word while teaching a high school Bible study.  When I asked if everyone knew what it meant, one boy blurted out, “The store for lovers.”  In that area, there was an “adult” store selling sexy lingerie and so on, named Ambiance with the tagline, “The Store For Lovers”.  Now I smile inside if not out every time I hear it.

Ambience, or ambiance, is the special atmosphere or mood of a particular environment, the mood, character, quality, tone, atmosphere, etc.  I think this shot captures the ambience of being out on a beautifully foggy day, wrapped in mist and mystery.

© janet m. webb 2012