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Mammoth Hot Springs is our next stop on the Yellowstone tour. I found out today that our house passed its inspection, which means the sale is on, so I don’t have the time I would like to devote to telling you about this unique spot, but you can find out more about it here, and here, I hope you enjoy my photo trip. We still have a day or two of travel in the park before the tour is ended. So sit back, put your feet up, have some coffee, tea, a Guinness or a glass of wine, and enjoy.

On the road to Mammoth…



Not long after we were surrounded by the buffalo crossing the road (Why do buffalo cross the road? Who knows and who’s brave enough to try to stop an animal as large as a Smart Car?), we came up on a herd in the meadows on either side of the road. Try to imagine the days when herds of buffalo stretched for miles on the plains. What an awesome sight that must have been, in the true sense of the word!