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Mid-May of 2020, COVID-19 era and WP is still screwing around with the editing and look of this page. I find it as frustrating as ever and apologize once again.

I’m always behind on this page and will make a valiant effort (some day) to list more blogs I like.  If yours isn’t here, don’t assume I don’t like it.  🙂  And excuse the inconsistent look.  I’ve fixed the spacing too many times to count and every time I do something new, it apparently resets.  Ahh, WordPress, you are all too often the bane of my blogging existence!
My husband’s blog–about cancer and a lot about other things.
Our younger daughter’s blog–mostly her art and worth seeing.


Madison is a writer and a relatively new artist, but not your ordinary artists. She makes all her paints by grinding rocks found in her native Ozarks!  I have one of her beautiful paintings. She’s truly a renaissance woman living out her dream.

Author of vegan cookbooks and a wonderful food photographer, Hannah has a blog you’re sure to enjoy and some amazingly creative recipes.  Don’t go there hungry, though!

Photography (and maybe a few other things):
Tina is a talented photographer and shares her thoughts and travels with beautiful words.  She also finds marvelous quotes to go along with her photos.
Debbie is in England but travels the world.  She also hosts Six Word Saturday and One Word Sunday.
Sally used to host a weekly photo challenge, posted each Monday, for anyone taking photos with a non-traditional camera, such as a phone camera.  She now shares photos and photomontages as well as thoughts and links about photography, so you can learn as well as share.

Multi-talented Lucile lives in Amsterdam, takes wonderful photos, and writes as well.
Sylvia lives in Florida now and you’ll find a plethora of interesting animals featured on her website.
Although Dave also does other photography, it’s his photos and stories about birds that I love.

Travel (and often photography as well):
Travel to Paris with writer and photographer extraordinaire, Theodora Brack and do a bit of shopping or just viewing.  You’ll love it.
Tom Palladio is your host for good food, good drinks, beautiful photos, travel and more through the eyes of an ex-pat in Italy.
Want to visit France?  Jane is  your hostess for beautiful views of everything from houses to food.
No one does Africa better.  Period.  You’ll be on safari every day with their fabulous animal photos.
Lots of photos as well as information about retiring in Nicaragua or just retiring as an expat.
Want to visit Scandinavia?  Ann-Christine is your lovely host to this part of the world and her photos are as lovely as she.
Brittany, France and dogs, Weimariners in this case, a crazy duo can all be found at this address.
Come to New Zealand with Su or dive into the world of macro photography.  You’ll enjoy both here.

Travel the world with Lignum, enjoying both words and fantastic photos.  You won’t regret it and the price of a ticket is just right.

Jo and her husband left England for a life in Portugal and you really want to share it with them.  She has some of the best walks around and, quite often, a Jo’s Monday Walk “challenge” that will take you all sorts of places.

The easiest and perhaps the most beautiful way to visit France, be sure to visit Susan, her family, and their lovely home and garden.  They also have a shop where you can find all things French and occasional recipes.  Go now!

A published author, Rochelle is also current hostess for Friday Fictioneers, a group of dedicated and zany writers of 100-word fiction every week.  Stop by and see where they (we) have gone this week!
Western life and poetry from John’s point of view.
Pure poetry!
Dan’s a thinker and a writer who started in the U.S. and has ended up with a new life and love in New Zealand.  He’ll challenge you, make you think, and make you smile.
Weekly photo challenges:
Cee hosts a number of photo challenges each week.  She also hosts a list of photo challenges.
Norm hosts a Thursday Doors challenge that’s a blast.  It gives you the perfect excuse to peruse house and other doors and you’ll have a chance to see doors from around the world.
Miscellaneous, but worth your while:
For years Sandra and her husband spent many months of the year on a barge in France, although they call England home.  Read about their travels, see Sandra’s photos, or enjoy her wonderful writing.
Gardening and photography from New England by Judy.
Dan is your host for this eclectic blog.  He invites you to share beers/bourbon/food from New England,  occasionally rants about bad drivers, shares photos of Maddie and other animals, and is also a Thursday Doors participant.  Stop by.  You’ll enjoy it!
Resa designs fabulous dresses, writes stories, and finds fabulous street art.
  1. I really like your blog!!:)

  2. I’ll explore your choices soon. Thanks for listing my blog and the challenge. It’s a pleasure to have you as part of the photo community.

  3. Allan G. Smorra says:

    Thank you for including me in your list of Blogs. I have returned the favor.

  4. DawnSeeker says:

    I’ve shared my horse blog with you,, and here is my Life Blog: :)) Dawn

    I also follow Tina’s Travels and Trifles blog — amazing photography. May I also suggest you check out the following AMAZING blogs:

  5. aFrankAngle says:

    Love the way you organized this list. Seeing some people I know caused a smile. 🙂

  6. Thank you for the shout out, Janet ❤ I'm proud to be on your list 😀

  7. Forestwood says:

    Ally Bean sent me but I feel sure I have been here more than a few times in the last ten years of blogging. Some interesting links here and many familiar names.
    Looking forward to checking out some more

  8. Thanks for the contact information, Sue. I’m going to delete the comment now so that no one else can get the information. I’ll contact you when I get there so we can meet. I’m looking forward to it. You’ll have my email once I sent you one.

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