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Due to a late start and early sunset, we drove most of the way Wednesday in the dark.  The moon was spectacular.  This iPhone photo taken from the care doesn’t begin to do it justice, but I thought it didn’t turn out too badly.  It’s also one of my first photos attempting to use Hipstamatic.

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I love watching fishing birds.  They wait patiently, sometimes motionless  for many minutes.  When they do moved, their bird legs lift in slow motion.  But when their fish dinner is spotted, they strike with lightning speed.  The reward?  Sushi.  As the today’s photo challenge theme is transition, I think these photos, although of two different birds, illustrate the transition from hunting to eating perfectly.

copyright janet m. webb 2015

copyright janet m. webb 2015

These “doors” (gates or opening to the corral) are doors in one of the places for which I’m very thankful.  Except for two summers, I’ve gone to the mountains of Wyoming every year since college and college was many, many years ago.  I’m thankful for having such a wonderful place to relax and recharge, thankful for the parents who bought into it and shared it with my brother and me, thankful for the family who all still love to go there, no matter their age or where they are, thankful for horses to ride in the mountains I dearly love.  It’s a true blessing, something I’m thankful for every day, not just today.

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This week Cee’s challenge is to show kids or pets with toys.  As many of you know, we fostered several rescue pit bulls.  Janie, our first dog, loved to play.  She made up games and was so athletic that jumping was part of many of them.

One of the things she loved best was her Kong.  A Kong is a hard rubber toy that looks a bit like a three-tiered, pyramid-shaped Michelin man.  There’s a hole in the middle that’s there to be stuffed with goodies.  I spread peanut butter on a slice of bread, then stuffed it inside the Kong.  I put the Kong in a ziploc bag and stored it in the freezer.  The minute the freezer door opened, there was Janie, at full attention, ready to do whatever was asked of her.

However, if Janie couldn’t get a Kong, she loved to chew on whatever was available, in this case, a bone.

Picture of Janie-001

I’m usually doing photography challenges with Cee and company, but this week for the first time, I’ve decided to participate in the “Share Your World” challenge.  Cee poses questions and we answer them.

In your native language which letter or character describes you best?  Why?

I hate to begin badly, but I really don’t know.  I’ve thought and thought about it, but I can’t come to a decision.

What is your greatest extravagance?

In terms of cost, my greatest extravagance to date would be travel.  However, books are what I buy the most often, at least until recently when I’ve been working hard to not buy any.  This is only because I have so many already.  Since I buy  almost all my books either at the library sale ($1 for hardcovers, $.50 for paperbacks) or at Half Price Books, it’s never a financial extravagance.  Photography is something I’ll be spending more money on soon, but I’m from a frugal family and I’m frugal, too.

Do you prefer exercising your mind or your body? How frequently do you do either?

Yes.  :-) I like doing both.  I walk in the park usually three times a week and before I started working part time, I walked five mornings a week.  I try to lift weights three times a week as well, although I’ve gotten out of that habit.  I really enjoy lifting and I do stretching as well.  I also bought a rebounder and am using that daily for bone strength and density.  As for my mind, I try to exercise that daily!

List at least 5 things that makes you laugh.

Any of the Pink Panther movies, so that’s at least four or five there.  “Anguished English” and pretty much any other books by Richard Lederer.  “NCIS” makes me laugh every week. Word humor and the oddball things I see in the world around me (hence my enjoyment of the Oddball Photo Challenge) provoke daily laughter   Today, the beauty of the snow made me laugh for joy.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I’m grateful for time spent with my husband and that he has a good job. I’m grateful for the snow we got and the beauty that it brought. I’m grateful to sing alto with the praise team from our church and for our church family.  I’m grateful for the library and books and for being able to watch hockey on TV.  I’m also grateful that I blog and found such a great group of online friends. And yes, that’s all from last week, although it may also be most weeks.

I’m looking forward to traveling to my s-i-l’s for Thanksgiving.  I love road trips of almost any kind, we’ll have good company, good food, and good wine, and I won’t have any chores or work that has to be done, because I’ll be at someone else’s house!  That means I can just relax.

Usually on Monday I participate in Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge.  But Sally will be not only cyber-free but visiting relatives this week, so there’s no challenge.  Instead, I thought I’d share a photo I took earlier this year along Naperville’s Riverwalk, a lovely length of pavement that winds through the downtown.  I took my camera and sat on a bench, waiting to see who or what came by.  This meeting brought a smile to my face.  The little boy wanted to pet the dog but as you can see, he was a bit cautious.

Do you prefer color or black and white?

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