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Since I inadvertently posted my Friday flowers post on Friday New Zealand time, I’ll take this opportunity to share a wonderful Veteran’s Day display, the Healing Field of Honor, in Naperville. I was fortunate because, due to the weather, the flags weren’t taken down the day after Veteran’s Day and now I can share it with you as well.

Sometimes it’s not all about the flower. Happy Friday!

Hmmm. Hold that “Happy Friday” thought until tomorrow or…let’s pretend I’m posting from New Zealand, where it actually IS Friday. I wish WP would go back to having the calendar highlight every day you already have a post scheduled. That’s almost caught me any number of times. At any rate, enjoy the photo whether or not it’s Friday. 🙂

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Downward doors is a yoga pose similar to downward dog, but used by photographers taking photos of doors that are below street level. This pose shouldn’t be held too long, Yogi Norm warns, lest the photographer’s friends and family move too far for the photographer to easily catch up and because there are many more doors left to photograph. You have been warned!

I took care when shooting these three doors in Luxeuil-les-bains in France. I didn’t want to strain my muscles and not be able to make it to the bakery and coffee shop! (Full disclosure: I know you’ll be relieved to know that I held each pose for just the right amount of time and was thus able to fully appreciate both shops .)

The flowers certainly add to the ambiance of this door. Not so sure about the plants on the stairs. 🙂

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Call me persnickety, but not only does “butter popcorn” sounds excessively greasy, but how on earth do you get it to pop? Tack on an “ed” and you’re looking at at my favorite snack (although I prefer homemade and not too much butter.)