It’s that time of year again, time for me to do the two-day drive to Wyoming (about 10+ hours each day) to spend 2 1/2 weeks in the Bighorn Mountains, time I crave each year. There’s very, very limited wi-fi access there and no phone access unless you have a satellite phone. You can get wi-fi but we have yet to do so. It’s become a discussion, but I do like not being online that much. I go on to check (and delete) email or to send a text or photo to family and friends but why be on vacation if I’m on the internet all the time? So until the second week in August, keep this California mural in mind to let you know how I appreciate you. And of course, there will be photos, many photos, and a surprise or two as well.

Ok, two of these are on the wall but they’re off-the-wall in the sense of being different. The middle one is actually off the wall, spotted during my recent visit to hang out with Marsha of AlwaysWrite in Prescott. For anyone in Arizona, we’re planning another blogging get-together on Sept. 15 in Prescott. You can let either Marsha or me know that you want to meet and we’ll get the details to you when we know them.

But on to the doors. This was on the wall at the same bike shop where you were invited to make a complaint.

Here’s the Prescott door.

This is the other door at the bike shop, but no candy in sight. Probably just as well. Anyway, stay sweet and have a wonderful Thursday. Dan is the eye-candy hosting our weekly door challenge. I don’t want to hear any Snickers. He does a great job and he’s a real Sweetie.

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…begins with a single step.

Of course flying might be an even better choice.

Lavender is one of my favorite scents although many scents that advertise themselves as lavender don’t really make the scent grade. They just smell artificial. One year when in Provence, my sister-in-law, our younger daughter, and I took a road trip to an area where the lavender grew. It had been harvested but the scent still lingered everywhere. I gleaned a number of stalks at the end of the rows and managed, through packing them in bubble wrap at the top of my checked bag, to get them home mostly intact.

The trip was memorable in other ways as we were in a Mini Cooper convertible with my daughter and my s-i-l’s large Rhodesian Ridgeback male in the back. Every time we hit a speed bump, they levitated. If the top was up, the dog was vying with my daughter for the most direct line to the air conditioning as it was a hot summer. It was quite funny.

I thought where we lived now in Arizona would be close enough in temperature and humidity (or lack thereof) to grow lavender but after a few failed attempts, I found out that there are three types: English, French, and Spanish and in our particular area, Spanish lavender is the way to go. Live and learn but take time to smell the lavender this week.

One Word Sunday 7.17.22

Six-Word Saturday 7.16.22

Alien invasion!

FOTD 7.15.22

Ok, that title’s a bit of a cheat. Yes, these doors are in Prescott but they’re at Marsha’s house. 🙂 Door maniacs see and photograph doors whenever and wherever they appear and so I grabbed a few shots while I was staying there. Enjoy!

Pastel doors…

Red traveling doors…

Framed doors on the wall not doors in the wall…

Want to see more doors (not Mordors) from all over the world? Click here to go to Dan’s (our host) blog and click on some links.

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