Crystalline words

Posted: March 5, 2015 in Quotes
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Words are like bits of crystal, the more faceted, the more beautiful. Speech should not be boring.

               Hu Chang in What Doesn’t Kill You, by Iris Johansen

Don’t forget that words can also be like bits of crystal in their ability to cut and hurt.  We must be careful which facet we’re showing or using.

If you love to write, but are at a loss for words, Friday Fictioneers is for you.  You only have to find 100 of those words, craft them into a story roughly based on a picture prompt (or maybe barely related), go to Rochelle’s site (she hosts the whole shebang), link your story, then read as many of the other stories as you can or like, preferably commenting on the ones you read.  If that sounds like fun, please feel free to join us every Wednesday for the new prompt (although you may post a story up until the following Tuesday night.)  If the prompt comes out on Wednesday, why is it called “Friday Fictioneers?”  Well, that’s a whole ‘nother story and I only have time to tell one this morning.

This week’s prompt is from Erin Leary.  If you’d enjoy reading other stories, please click on the blue linky critter at the end of my story.  But be sure to check back, as writers will be posting for many days.

Erin Leary

Copyright Erin Leary

The Assignation

It was just before dawn when I slipped from the house, checking to be sure no one saw me. She was waiting at our usual spot, half hidden behind a tree. No demonstrative greetings; only time to briefly cup one ample curve. We had to move quickly and quietly.

About fifteen minutes later, we reached a place we’d often used before. Underneath “our” tree, the leaves were soft, with other trees and vegetation nearby for cover. She ran ahead, eager to find just the right spot. I followed, anticipating how many pungent black truffles her snout would unearth this year.


When cooking or baking, I often grab my phone to take a photo of some interesting sight or creature created by mixing, melting, adding, or other kitchen process.  This one caught my attention and then I tarted it up a bit just for fun.  I hope you enjoy it.


I know, I know, I should save this for the third week when we do black and white photos, but I just can’t.  This naturally B&W photo is full of the beauty and splendor of winter and I have to share it right now.  If you live somewhere warm, you can enjoy it from the warmth of your home and don’t have to go out into the cold.  If you’re living in winter now, you know what I’m taking about.  However, in the interest of truth, I’m looking forward to spring.  In the meantime, I’m enjoying winter as much as possible.  Sally, thanks for much for hosting the challenge every Monday.  You rock.


This photo of a plate made by our younger daughter (the now-art student) when she was quite young.  As an oddball photo needn’t be odd, just one that can’t be easily classified, this definitely qualifies.  I cherish this plate and several others made by her and her older sister, made with and kept with love.

Also, happy birthday to my husband today!  Much love there as well.


One reward for me yesterday was finishing my first month of part time work at my new job at the tea shop.  Of course, there was a financial reward as well, which is definitely appreciated!  Friday was also my first full day, which meant I wasn’t home until late; hence an entry on Saturday rather than Friday.  :-)

But for the Weekly Photo Challenge theme this week, I chose the reward of a morning in France:  breakfast on the quiet-saturated patio of a house in the woods, amazing yogurt with fruit and a delicious cup of tea, a beautiful setting in more ways than one.  Oh, yes–plus the joy of family and the pleasure of relaxation.  Breathe deeply, take a minute, and enjoy with me.

There is no way in which a man can earn a star or deserve a sunset.”
G.K. Chesterton


Yes, it’s Friday and time (eventually) for the Weekly Photo Challenge.  But as I work most of the day today and won’t get into the challenge until late afternoon/early evening, I decided I just had to have a post to tide me and you over until then.  (Do you like the way I assume you’re waiting with bated breath for my daily post?)  :-)  I just finished the 5-Day Black and White Photo Challenge, so I’m in the monochrome groove right now, plus a photo came to mind as soon as I saw the theme of “Wheels.” Turns, so to speak, out that the photo I chose is a different one, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.  :-)  It’s a memory of our time in France during Le Tour de France last July and all the decorations we saw.