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A few days ago on my walk, I spotted this tree trying to be invisible and doing rather well.  I zoomed in a bit closer and found that one fungus amongus wasn’t quite like the others. But each had a delicate bit of frost, at least until the sun crept up higher.

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My husband took Friday off for my birthday and we went to visit Frank Lloyd Wright’s studio and home in Oak Park.  More of that in other posts.  Naturally that meant that Friday was the coldest day of an almost two-week span:  39, cloudy, windy, and chilly.  After the tour, we decided to brave the cold and walk around some of the historic neighborhood where all the houses, even if not designed by Wright,are huge and gorgeous.

Although this is a Thursday Doors post, I couldn’t share just the doors.  The houses themselves are worth a look even if, in this case, FLW didn’t design them .  In this first shot, you get both a gate and a door at no extra charge.  This might be my favorite house.  It’s certainly my favorite front walkway.

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As we walked past this house, I discovered the only door we could afford.

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Today I’m introducing you to another book, Cruel and Unusual Puns, by Don Hauptman, a book about transitional puns.  Not sure what those are?  You’ll catch on quickly.  However, my favorite wordmeister, Richard Lederer, chimes in at the beginning of the book to tell us, “…Many of Hauptman’s clever reversals might be called forkerisms–spoonerisms with a point…”  So grab your fork and spoon and dig in for some fun.

I’m going to quote from Chapter 5: Nothing to Choose but your Lanes, Improbable Definitions and Unlikely Quotes.  “Nothing to Choose but your Lanes” should give you a hint as to the direction we’re headed.  Just switch the L and C if you’re confused.

Alimony: (1)  The ties of exes are upon you.  (2)  The bounty of mutiny
            ~(1) Howard Gossage; (2) Source Unknown

Research psychologists:  Pulling habits out of rats
             ~George P. Schmidt, quoted in Saturday Review

Counterfeiters:  They earn money the hard way–they make it.
              ~Elizabeth Critas, Cincinnati, Ohio, in The New York Magazine Competition

Champagne:  Sips that passion the night.
               ~Source Unknown

Children sharing toys:  The din of inequity 
               ~The Complete Pun Book by Art. Moger

Race tracks:  Where windows clean people.
~Mad Magazine
(Try as I may, this will NOT indent!)

And now some from our author:

Unpopular baseball team: Mitts and Hisses

How trolley enthusiasts describe their passion: A Desire Named Streetcar

Euclid’s lost principle of squaring the circle: First sum, first curved

Postpartum depression:  The Blues of the Birth

Country bumpkin who falls for TV pitches selling cheap Zirconium jewelry:Cubic’s rube

And a few transitional quotes:  (You determine whether they’re real.)   🙂

Marcel Marceau, with characteristic humility: “It’s only a tatter of mime”

Henry Luce on the eve of the Chicago fire: “There’ll be a hot town in the old Time tonight.”   (The Chicago Times was a newspaper.)

Last October while on a wedding planning trip with my older daughter and her husband-to-be, our younger daughter and visited Viñas de Garza winery  in Ensenada, Baja California.  It reminded me more than a little of the wine-growing areas in Provence.

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The flowers were lovely and the entrance inviting, although this wasn’t the entrance to the patio for the wine tasting.

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