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One Word Sunday: stop

Walking Squares 11.27.22

One Word Sunday: face

Cellpic Sunday 11.20.22

One Word Sunday: Orange

Cellpic Sunday 10.23.22

One Word Sunday: smile

Cellpic Sunday: 10.16.22


Posted: October 8, 2022 in One Word Sunday
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One Word Sunday 10.8.22

Possibly too much fun at a bird-day party? Whatever the cause, this guy’s looking a bit disheveled this morning. Although Debbie’s taking a break from the official One Word Sunday, it’s gotten to be a habit, so I’m keeping the tradition (although when official, I almost always go with only the one word.) Happy, blessed Sunday to all of you!

No official One Word Sunday this week but I’m in the habit so why stop now? The obvious would be “It’s (not) easy being green” but that’s more than one word. But…so is this. 🙂 A happy, blessed Sunday.

One Word Sunday: high

Remembering all those who died on September 11, 2001 and all those who responded so selflessly and bravely.

One Word Sunday: curves

One Word Sunday: straight

Rugby tournament again today and updates on Monday as I’m beat after a long but enjoyable day. A blessed Sunday to all of you!

Apologies for two posts that are the same. Not sure how that happened but… Sigh.