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The road leading off the main road continues past the “driveway” to my s-i-l’s house, past another house, and into the forest where, however, it becomes a trail rather than a road.  It’s the perfect place for a walk: past piles of cut trees, ant hills, another house, alongside the meadow, flowers everywhere, ancient stones covered with moss.  Perhaps there’s a bit of Celtic magic somewhere as well.

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Most of my time in France is spent either in the country or small towns, so I have lots of photos of flowers, plants, and landscapes.  This beautiful bit of meadow was not far from my s-i-l and b-i-l’s house.

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Spring has finally flown in.

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Christmas?  Well, my Christmas cactus thinks so anyway.  It’s missed blooming for a few years now, so I’m just glad to see its one beautiful flower, much happier than I was to see that WP has changed the “new post” configuration once again.  Why move everything to the other side?  And what else will suddenly bite me on the derrière?

OK, forget it.  It’s Saturday, the weekend, time to have fun.  Let’s just concentrate on the flower and have a super Saturday!

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