Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

Posted: September 26, 2014 in Weekly Photo Challenge
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Night photography can be one of the most difficult types of photography, especially if you primarily use a phone camera as I do.  But if you persist, you can find some excellent photo opportunities, especially if you want to create some atmosphere.  In this first photo, taken in Wyoming’s Big Horn Mountains as we made our way back up at night, I like the subtly of the photo and the somewhat eerie night feel.


This photo is opposite in both feel and subtlety, or lack thereof.  It’s also opposite in place, taken in bustling downtown Naperville by the river walk.

photo 3(83)


  1. Hey Janet – Great photos 🙂 Love that first one!

  2. I rather like the second, it’s unusual…

  3. words4jp says:

    beautiful photos:) I love the moon and the fountain is gorgeous.

  4. they both are great! specially the last one is like a firework of lights :o) I noticed that I can take better photos at night with my cheap toshiba-cam than with my canon :o)

  5. Ese' s Voice says:

    Very different but both are beautiful, Janet. The first one with its…spookiness and the second – with the contrasts and colours that gives an impression of a fluffy head of a huge dandelion. 🙂

    • I love that fountain and in winter when it’s not there, it’s sad. I wish in the first photo I could convey the vastness and utter quiet that were also there.

      Have a wonderful weekend, Ese

  6. I like that fountain photo. I can almost hear the water.

  7. Fabulous night shots, Janet. 🙂

  8. Lovely photos Janet thanks for sharing – so right about atmosphere

  9. Andy Townend says:

    Love the shot of the moon Janet…atmospheric, Andy

  10. Sandra says:

    Great shots, Janet.

  11. Grainy first one and a gorgeous second one!

  12. M-R says:

    Two delightful shots, Janet. As I don’t know how to use my camera, and don’t have the ability to learn its intricacies, night shots are absolutely beyond me. Come to think of it, so are day shots ! [grin]

    • You know you’re always welcome to share mine and I know you share lots of others, too. (I don’t mean “share” in the blogging sense, although that’s fine, too. But for enjoyment.)

      • M-R says:

        Speaking of which, there seems to be a bit of that going around these days: three bloggers I know have found there to be websites that have simply taken their images without any kind of acknowledgement. Makes you wonder about people. Sighh …

      • That’s so wrong in so many ways. Reminds me of people who litter, another inexplicable action.


      • M-R says:

        You’re right: there are those human traits we’ll never be able to fathom, eh?

  13. Both shots are great. I especially love the second one with the water. 😀

  14. Steve Rebus says:

    Wow, fantastic photos!! So pleased you shared them with us today, such talent! 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Steve. I have so much to learn about night photography with a camera phone, but I was pleased with these as a start. Got some fabulous sunrise photos in the park this morning which will probably surface on Tuesday or Wednesday, traveling days for me again. Enjoy the weekend!


      • Steve Rebus says:

        Fantastic, i too need to learn more about the camera on my phone, as i love taking photos with it. I♥ look forwards to any teaching, tips & tricks you can share. Happy snapping! 😀

  15. Veronica Roth says:

    Holy smokes Janet, there used to be a fountain like this one years and years ago here in Vancouver and I loved it to pieces. One day it was taken down…I suppose it got too old or something…and I still remember it. It’s wonderful for me to see one like it in your photograph and remember. One day, when I take up metal work…lol…I’m making one just like it. 😀

  16. Both photos are beautiful. Look like photos had already printed in your mind before capturing on camera. Thanks for the like of my photo. I am not a photographer. Just took in my small sony digicam.

  17. What a great contrast of pictures for this challenge. While one is eerie, the second has a happy mood to it.

  18. K.Z. says:

    love the contrast between the two photos. both are wonderful. 🙂

  19. quarksire says:

    Right on & Right on Again and Fly Safe! …. 🙂 ~*(*@*@*)***~~~~~~ Q

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  22. Janet – you’ve gotten so good at your photography. The range, depth, and feel. Nice. Randy

  23. The second photograph looks so good Janet, looks like it’s in space ! ^.^

  24. Paula says:

    I prefer the nature at daytime and cities at night – the same with your photos – the fountain one is my favourite. Fantastic job, Janet!

  25. thirdeyemom says:

    I agree night time photos are the most difficult hence I rarely take them and they rarely turn out! Excellent entry!

  26. basiga says:

    Beautiful! My fav is the fountain.

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