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Posted: June 3, 2018 in One Word Sunday
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oojamaflip (ˈuːdʒəməˌflɪp)      n      slang a thing whose name is temporarily forgotten

I have no idea where Debbie, host of One-Word Sunday, got this word.  I read a LOT and I’ve never run across it.  Maybe that’s because it’s British slang according the online dictionary I found.  Wikipedia shares these words as synonyms:

  • doodad
  • doodar-whatsit
  • gizmo
  • oojah
  • whatchamacallit
  • whatshumacallit
  • whatsit
  • thingamabob
  • thingamajig
  • thingummy
  • thingy

Whichever word you choose (oojamaflip for purposes of this challenge), whatever this is certainly qualifies, although I never knew the name to temporarily forget it.  It’s definitely a doodad/gizmo/whatchamacallit, though, probably something to do with utilities of some sort.  But until I know for certain, I think I’ll call it an oojamaflip, although oojah is kind of cool, too.

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  1. pommepal says:

    Certainly a thingamajig

  2. Well that got my attention. I’m off to a Jolly Old I’ll ask around…that certainly look like a….😀

  3. conspicari says:

    Definitely uk, used this word when I was a kid if you didn’t know or forgot what something was.🙂

  4. Sue says:

    Well done, Janet….I’ve yet to find a doodah, wotsit or thingybob!! I’ll keep looking…..

  5. Hi J. Will join your One-Word Sunday challenge if I may. Was amused to see that many of the synonyms you listed are commonly used in Ireland – Whatchmacall (or whatchamacallit) being the most popular. Cheers.

    • Good morning, MB. You’re welcome to join. Just head over to Debbie’s site (link in the post) and share the photo of your whatchamacallit, a word used in the US as well.)


  6. Jackie says:

    It’s a totally new word to me as well.

  7. Madison says:

    Well that’s a mysterious oojamaflip 😉 Did you ever find out what it is?

  8. Dan Antion says:

    I’ve never heard that word, but I’m quite familiar with most of those synonyms. ‘Thingy’ is my go-to word for just about anything.

  9. I have never heard of this word before! I think the photo is a perfect choice for the challenge!

  10. prior.. says:

    yes – perfect for oojamaflip
    love the patina too

  11. […] challenge of blog site Travel With Intent. J’s blog post title is actually called ‘Oojamaflip‘ which is seemingly the same as a ‘whatchamacallit’, but MB was previously […]

  12. I’ve never heard that word either, and I watch a lot of British TV. That thar is a Doohickey!

    I also use thingamajig, and whatchamacallit quite often. 😜

  13. It looks like the top of a post-stop indicator valve. A message—”Open” or “Closed”—would normally appear in the rectangular window where the three black rocks are lined up. Nice find.

  14. Debbie Smyth says:

    Oojah sounds good to me – a friendly version of oojamaflip, I reckon. And that’s as wise as I am about what you’ve captured

  15. Shuey Wolfe says:

    FWIW: Post Indicator Valve!

    I never heard of these before today. The PIV provides a means to operate a buried or otherwise inaccessible valve and to readily indicate visually the valves’s position: “Shut” or “Open.” No water ever flows through the PIV itself. Fascinating.

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