Again and again I go to nature for macro shots.  The beauty that’s obvious at first glance is revealed to have more and more layers the closer I get.  Colors, textures, shapes–all take on a new and different look and feel when viewed as an insect would see them.                                      

Imagine being encircles by a hedge of purple while sitting on a chair of bright yellow dots.

What’s that? A leaf in my path. I’ll go around. I don’t like the crunchy feel of dead leaves.

Imagine sipping dew from the hairs of a flower.




  1. The colors in the first shot are striking. 🙂

  2. Really enjoyed your images, especially the first one. It’s lyrical and sweetly inviting. Happy Photo Challenge.

  3. The way you captured the yellow dots in the 1st image is glorious. Purple and yellow go so well together. Mother Nature is an expert at her color pallet. 🌻

  4. Angeline M says:

    The detail and color in the first photo is an eye grabber for sure. I love also the detail in that last photo with the fuzzy base of the flower as well as the stem in back of it.

  5. coolquilting says:

    love the dried leaf looks like 2 little aliens sitting on it!!

  6. Nice collection of plants wisdom images 🙂

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