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Flying just beyond the edge of darkness
Existence pared to sleeping
     or watching the little screen
while time             
                                                                     i   n   f   i   n   i   t   e   l   y
yet arriving almost before we leave

No sensation of movement
    unless walking the aisles
    when muscles cry for action
      (don’t risk blood clots)

Human peas in a silver pod

Perhaps there are no others


There’s was a lot of rain during the time I enjoyed  in France the last several weeks, (home as of yesterday), which makes some days feel black and white or, in the forest, green and grey.  However, there’s beauty in each of these as well as in color as my first photo attempts to show.  If you want to see more black and white photos, drop by Lens and Pens by Sally, our gracious hostess’ site.


While exploring Melisey’s general store, I came across this cute teapot.  When I looked at the photo, it was in black and white.  Somehow I’d hit the filter on my phone and gotten a black and white photo when I wasn’t even planning on one.  I guess this one was meant to be shared today.


Finally, one of my naturally black and white shots with a shot or two of editing added for pizzazz!  Behold, a lowly glass of water elevated to something more.


  1. a strange or eccentric person (or photo.)
  1. strange; bizarre.
    Oddball photos may be strange or eccentric or they may just defy categorization.  Either way,  they’re fun and you can see them every Sunday on Cee’s site.  Feel free to participate if you like.  It’s simple.  Go to the site and make a comment that includes a link to your post or use a pingback or both.
    Brand of tea spotted at the Intermarche supermarket
    For Halloween, perhaps

    In honor of my b-i-l, a maker of amazing fires (in the stove!)


When we traveled to France this summer, we flew from Chicago to Basel, Switzerland.  Basel is a beautiful city located on the Rhine, with suburbs in France and Germany as well as Switzerland.  Our online friend, poetess and artist, Claudia Schoenfeld, met us in front of the beautiful Town Hall to show us her city.  We walked for miles through the fashionable downtown as well as the streets lined with beautifully-kept old buildings.  Here are just a few shots.  I’ll be leaving from Basel tomorrow, but this time I’ll only see the airport.








Refraction“, playing with light, is this week’s photo challenge from WordPress.  Light is one of my favorite things to attempt to capture and lately I’ve been walking in the park in the early morning, just in time to catch the sunrise.  The light at that time is amazingly beautiful.

I’ll be traveling back to the US from France (and getting ready to go home) this weekend, so I won’t have much computer time.  I hope to visit many of your entries when I get back.  Thanks for dropping by and please leave a comment if you have time.

“We went down into the silent garden. Dawn is the time when nothing breathes, the hour of silence. Everything is transfixed, only the light moves.”
~Leonora Carrington


“May it be a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out.”
~J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ringquotes

One of the joys of my trip has been our daily drives through the countryside near (and a bit farther away) from my s-i-l’s house.  Here’s a sampling of photos from the trip we took the same day we saw the travail.  The roof of this church’s steeple show the classic colorful Burgundian tile.  Even the smallest villages often have a large church.  I imagine it was a place where people who were often far from neighbors could get together at least once a week.

photo 1(130)

One of the things I like about France is that they remember history.  Everywhere you go, you see monuments to the soldiers killed in WWI and WWII.  Sometimes there are only one or two names, sometimes many; sometimes the surnames are, sadly, all from the same family.  These are men killed by Germans in WWI.

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Melisey’s general store is filled with all sorts of things you might need, from dishes to hardware.  I spotted these vibrant beauties there on my visit.


photo 2(129)

photo 5(46)