I haven’t posted any Grammar nazi sightings for some time, which doesn’t mean I haven’t spotted any.  These three may not all be strictly grammar, but they’re certainly related to how to write precisely–or not.

grammar nazi

While at the doctor’s office a few days ago, I noticed a sign on the wall, on an 8 1/2 x 11″ sheet of paper.  It said:

Please do not touch.
Thank you.

I’m sure the sign meant not to touch the large-screen TV next to it, but that’s not what it says.  Did they think anyone would, bored with waiting, sidle up to the wall and surreptitiously touch the paper??  It gave me a good laugh to start the day and Bill’s positive results made it even better.

Driving in the suburbs of Chicago can be hair-raising, frustrating, and sometime, as in this case, impossible.  On the back of a truck picking up charitable donations was this warning:

Do Not Follow.

Finally this, from a mass mailing from HH Gregg:

“Private sale.  (Then later): Open to the public”  

I felt so special!!  I should say that those two phrases were in different parts of the mailing, the first large letters, the second hidden away unobtrusively.  But still…

  1. LOL these are wonderful…uh-oh now I am paranoid about all I write. LOL glad to hear of good results for Bill.:)

  2. Actually, I can picture a bored child sidling up and touching that paper – just because of the notice! But “Private sale – open to the public”? Does the person who wrote that realize that words have meanings? (More likely, they don’t care; the goal is just to give readers a phony sense of being Sooper Speshul.)

    • The open to the public was in a different spot and not as easily seen. I should go back and make that clear in my post. I just jotted the basics down to remember. Off to do that right now. But either way, words DO have meanings. You’re right about their purpose, though.

  3. My boys would be all over touching that paper, and they’d probably follow the truck too! 🙂

  4. deanabo says:

    Things like this always make me laugh!

  5. Cindy Marsch says:

    My favorite ever was in a cemetery in Grove City, PA, but has been removed in the last couple of years: “Patrolled by Inferred Cameras.” 🙂

  6. Giggling whilst I think of people being so bored that they sidle up to obscure pieces of paper and touch them 😀

  7. BOL – We saw a funny street-sign in germany, which said: “please don’t drive into the trees” – who would did this in purpose?

  8. I’ve found that much of the English language is open to interpretation these days… Which often leads to misinterpretation and misuse, but it’s always entertaining at least. Sounds like a few shining examples you’ve found!

  9. That’s great – I probably need some help from the grammar Nazi from time to time