Silent Sunday…drenched

Posted: September 4, 2016 in Miscellaneous, Nature
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© janet m. webb 2016

  1. ksbeth says:

    this is such a cool shot –

  2. viveka says:

    Raindrops and flowers is such delicate combination … love the drops (supposedly) on the edge of the petals. Great job and I like yellow flowers.

  3. Beautiful shot, Janet. Nice to see what rain might look like. 🙂

  4. Sherry Felix says:

    Nicely composed with the focal area in the middle in focus. Love it.

  5. HonieBriggs says:

    Looks like a lemon ice, good enough to to eat! I love these close up shots.

    • Good morning, Honie, and happy Sunday to you. Thanks for dropping by. I miss the FF group but just don’t have enough time for all the reading and commenting. Glad you enjoyed the shot. I really like macro photos.


  6. Allan G. Smorra says:

    Beautiful, Janet. So many shades of yellow.

  7. Marvellous image, Janet. 🙂

  8. bythebriny says:

    A beautiful jewelled blossom.

  9. thirdeyemom says:

    Gorgeous capture! We have had so much rain this month and it stormed again last night. I can just feel the mosquitos breeding!

  10. I sense a lot of fertility in this shot.
    But then I could just be shot with fertility.

    😉 Randy

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