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Won’t be long now until we’re in these mountains and I won’t feel at all blue. However, these blues I can love.

“Let the blue of the sky and ocean take your blue away when you feel blue”
― Munia Khan

for Squares: trees and Life in Colour: blue

Having survived the arrival blues with the help of my b-i-l, it was now time to relax.  And explore.  Every day, my s-i-l and I took the dogs for a walk, all the dogs except for Lily, the dog that was deathly ill from a tick bite.  Although there’s always danger of ticks in the forest, this year the evil little critters are particularly plentiful, so despite the heat, we went out in long pants, long-sleeved shirts, brimmed hats over pulled-back hair, and all exposed parts sprayed with repellent.  We thoroughly checked the dogs during and after the walk and ourselves as well.  Despite the care, there were always ticks to be drowned.  Ticks aren’t just in the forests of France  We have them here in Naperville and they could easily be near you.  So do take care and do the same for mosquitoes.  Too many bad diseases being transmitted by them these days.

But enough of that. Our mornings began with tea.  I was able to try some African teas that my b-i-l had brought back and served as the tea-rista for everyone most of the time.


The forests around us have been inhabited for thousands of years.  The Celts were here, perhaps built this very wall.



You can look out from certain spots.


But be sure to look down as well.  There’s life all around, even in the moss that grows on downed trees.


Throughout the day, I refreshed my soul by glimpses of this view.


Every morning we explored the near.  In the afternoons, we explored the far(ther.)



We stopped to look at a lake and I wandered off to take photos of some more mushrooms.  On my way back, I spotted this, another example of why I’m enthralled with close-ups of water drops on flowers, leaves, etc.  Turning the camera sideways and lowering it made the difference in this shot.  How fortuitous that this week’s Phoneography Challenge is “Macro.”  🙂